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I can’t help myself a smile to the face I used to love a lot…I was never ‘busy’ nowadays as u always claim… Just trying a lot to nt love u again … Caz I respect myself and tired of being sorry …. But still …Aww …M blocking u tomorrow caz everytime I see u I get biased. ur magical abilites :( …But I decided not to play the rewind button caz at the end of the day it will again end in good bye and good byes always hurt na…?broken-heart

Missed every bit of our friendship, our flirty walks, the day when we have a crazy rainy date…and point is I don’t regret myself for my past … I like perfecting n enjoy every hell moment of present cause in my weary way of blind love, I forgot them who cared me a lot ….

M cool , enjoying my life a lot and Tujhe bhi Sahi ka koi mil Gaye who will love u a lot… There are girls like u, so there are love stories….. Sorry yaar it’s nt my fault falling in love with u…:)-)

#Thanks for help me finding myself. BYE :) .. But still ‘childish me’ loves u a lot. Need some time to hard format..

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Aloha, I'm Amit Ghosh, a web entrepreneur and avid blogger. Bitten by entrepreneurial bug, I got kicked out from college and ended up being millionaire and running a digital media company named Aeron7 headquartered at Lithuania.

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