She got kidnapped

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Right now my sister is sleep talking in Hindi; dad is forwarding the coupon messages for further evaluation and every time this bus is getting jerk off, I am cancelling the ‘undo’ button of this iPhone. iPhone gives an undo button in note every time you shake it.
blog-0415974001414779198Missing Kavita and her voice telling me details of her cute ‘pareshanis‘ (problems) and stories through out the day. She went to walk around Govardhan Hill, a hill in Mathura ; circumference of 21Km. It says, in ancient stories of Krishna that he took up the entire mountain in his fifth finger saving all people from rain so if you travel around that hill “your soul will be saved” and other stuff.. Now if you walk around 21 kilometres a day for every week; your soul and health is already saved though.

Her father and her smallest brother started this sacred journey to get themselves from ‘fatter‘ to ‘fat‘ zone and somehow she got sacrificed into this holy journey too making our meeting chances less probable. She was astonished cause at the end of sacred journey that her ‘money saver’ dad donates 1000 INR to a baba every time which made him a premium member giving premium chances of accessing premium puja spots where you can make puja which has premium chances to get to the God.

After having my head washed in Purulia Ramakrishna Mission, I solely agree with the concept of God is nothing apart that business involving rocks and red stuff over it. But I do believe in spirituality and I will rather give milk to some man in need or street dogs rather than “Shiva Linga”.

Do you know what a”Shiva Linga” means ? Well, If you don’t know it’s meaning, I will come back later on.

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