Festival of colors

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Celebrations of the festival of colours, heralding the onset of spring, began early on Wednesday morning amid bright sunshine in many parts of the country.

But in Katwa, we cherish this festival in Thrusday; a day after the holi. It’s a unique  yet colourful celebration of the many myths, legends and deities associated with it.The vibrant festival is known by a variety of names depending on which region you care to visit. From Rangpanchami in Maharashtra to Lathimaar Holi in Mathura, Holi is a festival one must experience.

Katwa had a rich tradition (it’s getting extinguished in modern egocentric people) of Children doing what they do best — playing pranks by spraying coloured water with ‘pichkaris’ or water guns and hurling water-filled balloons at passers-by from rooftops and balconies of their houses. As I remember from my childhood, I used to take up a bucket full of water and stood infront of our shop with my alsatian, Prince. Prince protected me from getting colored and I proudly used to use my water guns over pedestrians. Streets were filled with young and old, men and women drenching and splashing colour on one another.

But, it’s getting extinguished.

Since morning, There were clouds of colour in the capital’s neighbourhoods as loud celebrations continued throughout the day. And here I lied, coding along with my cousin Biltu (Arindam) and got shot with color by my beloved wife. She was ready with her colors and hence I will leave the writing to let you browse through the rest of the photos.

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