India Surf Festival .. [Continued]

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When I reached the so called ‘Lotus’ resort I was horrified as there was no one in my visible range and tons of questions were coming outta mind as there wasn’t a single omfed nearby.. A countryside type road is accompanying the lake to the roaring sea. We were walking with confusion cause rest all are forest and there was a dim light which seems like lottza miles from there but the main awesome thing is moonlight…It was merely one minute of walk we found a foreigner couple violently kissing each other and in an unpleasant situation as we suddenly popped out from the darkness… :evilsmile:

I write my blog in localhost…Some are shareable, some aren’t so please don’t blame me..I try to hide real names as much possible.

The reception guys make a little chaos on our ariival and we met a guy name kartik and got our direction for tent…TENT… I really never been to tent… The restaurant seems to be stuffed with foreigners and for the first time in my life I see real japanese… You can find lottza chinese and semi chinese looking fellows (like one in our NSIER mess :P ).. If you are guy enough to understand the difference sexy and beautiful then I must say I have never seen any beautiful girl in my life rather than Alisha.. She was wearing a 3 quarter type of thing.. has a pretty amount of height like me, has blue eyes and came to me talking in come ancient language which I was unable to compile that time…hehe.. Later heard that She thought I am from Argentina ..WTF… :P and she also gave me a short lecture on that fact.. and the worst part is she was thinking that I am muslim … and all of a sudden she broke my heart into aladeen pieces claiming that she’s muslim … o.O .. My mother gave a rough sketch of  ’terms and conditions’ of which there is a rule stating ‘I can’t marry a muslim and african’…Whatever -_- she didn’t say anything about I can’t flirt or anything….hehe..

Met with a guy named Sumit who’s from KIIT.. He’s also a student like me and is a volunteer there. I planned to join the voluntary actions from tomorrow. The lotus resort is abit really highly excessive. The fuckers were selling a glass of water worth 35INR. Damn man why they need so much money and this is really embarrassing somehow but I think it’s needed to run a fest like this.

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