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This urban legend comes from the dark alleys of College Streets. Its a secret site that replaces any site and hunts cheating publishers!

Origin: Kolkata, India


It all happened during the last year.

Anirban was looking at his phone, which was ringing constantly, but he was slowly smoking a cigarette. He wasn’t going to pick it up. He couldn’t cut it off either, as that would let the other party know he was there!

Tushar’s wife was due for delivery. Yes, it was a night of terrible rain. The streets were flooded at that time. Anirban received a call from Tushar, who urgently needed 1 lakh rupees because of some complications at the hospital.

“Don’t worry,” Anirban had told him, “I’m arranging it. Just give me 5 minutes!”

It had been hours since then. Tushar was rushing to Anirban’s home, calling him continuously. He had full trust in Anirban but was very tense.

Suddenly, a truck’s headlights flashed in front of him, sailing through the water. The water splashed over his head!

He turned back to the truck and cursed, but suddenly, he slipped.

He slipped into a manhole! He didn’t even manage to scream!


Anirban owns a tiny publication house in College Street. Recently he posted in the facebook groups that he wanted to make a collection of short horror stories so he asked people to give stories.

Thats where everything started. A beautiful lady sent a word file in the DM. Her profile was locked. So he can not snoop around much. He asked her to submit contact details in the messenger.

He told that he would give a remuneration if the story is selected. But there was no reply from the profile. Strangely there was not a single friend in that account. Its like its a total new account!

Or fake account?

It has a photo of a toddler! Wtf!

Who cares?

He does not recall when he had given any money to any writer in this last few years. It is good that he did not asked money to publish it!

It was raining hard. Everyone is telling there is a cyclone coming. Anirban did not go to college street today. He thought to read up all the submissions today. Anyways the story from that lady is very strange.


This urban legend comes from the dark alleys of College Street. It’s a secret site that replaces any site and hunts cheating publishers!

But it all started with dirtyminds.in.

This is not a porn site! But have you ever seen videos of people getting beheaded? Have you ever seen videos of live accidents? Have you ever seen videos of ghosts?

If you’ve opened the site and get a server error, it means the website is offline. Actually, most of the time, the website is offline!

The site was created by a college student who went missing during a solo trip to a village in Assam in his second year.

However, there are three rules you must follow in order to access the website.

  1. You must be alone.
  2. You must turn off all the lights in your house.
  3. You must go to the website at exactly midnight on a moonless night.

If you do everything correctly, you will be granted access to the website.

Once inside, you will be shown a never-ending montage of screaming faces, one after another, boys and girls. Their faces twisted in tremendous fear, their mouths frozen in silent screams. Their eyes missing, replaced by two hollow holes.

According to the legend, some lines in Bengali will be displayed on the screen, roughly translated to:

“This website will take you to a whole new level of horror. A horror that will use all five of your senses. You must be very careful not to click on anything by accident. You will be faced with a real experience of absolute horror. Click the ‘accept’ button to engage actively in the experience.”

Below the text are two buttons, “Accept” and “Decline”.

At this point, you’ll probably be really curious. You’ll probably feel tempted to click the ‘accept’ button. But you should not do that. If you accept the challenge, you will be taking your life into your own hands. It is better to click ‘decline’ and be on the safe side.


Anirban was also a website developer. He had heard these kinds of stories on Instagram reels, but something about this felt unnatural. Easily spooked, he closed the laptop, lit up a cigarette, and started some devotional songs on YouTube to ward off any haunting souls, if there were any.

He opened the site dirtyminds.in on his mobile. It seemed like just another e-commerce store. Suddenly, the lights went out. It was normal as the rain picked up outside.

But fear struck him. He quickly tried to close the site, and a popup appeared. He thought it was offering some coupon code gimmick to keep him on the site. He clicked on the red button quickly.

“Yes, just close the stupid site. Just close it!” Wait. The red button had “Accept” written on it, and the “Decline” button was green?

In a panic, he uninstalled Chrome altogether and switched off his phone. “Fucking stories!” he muttered.


Suddenly, the big 65-inch OLED TV lit up in front of him. He had bought this TV last Diwali in cash! Business always picked up during this time, thanks to the magazines.

Images of terrified, eyeless children flashed rapidly on the screen.

Then he saw it!

He quickly rubbed his eyes. His entire house had no electricity, so how was the TV on?

The images of the children were gone. Now, the screen showed a picture of his old shop on College Street, just opposite Paramount’s juice shop. It was from a year ago!

He was standing with Tushar, but there were no faces in the image!

Suddenly, a cold shiver ran down his spine.



Slowly, he became the manager in Anirban’s business and also wrote more than 20 novels in the span of just four years. Every magazine wanted him to write for them, but he never wrote for anyone else.

Thanks to Tushar, Anirban’s sales skyrocketed, and one thing led to another. He slowly propelled from a mediocre to the best publisher in the entire area. However, he never liked giving money to writers.

“They’re not taking any business risk. They should pay me for printing their nonsense,” Anirban would often say. But he always told Tushar to ask for money whenever he needed it.

Tushar was grateful. He never asked for more than his meager salary and lived happily with his wife.

Once, during childbirth, Tushar had asked Anirban for 1 lakh rupees but then disappeared suddenly. The next day, Anirban received terrifying news: Tushar’s wife had died in the hospital during childbirth.


Now the TV turned on again.

To his surprise and horror, Anirban observed on the screen a sinister silhouette walking… towards his own flat! Yes, it was coming up the stairs. He recognized those stairs!

He wanted to wake up. He wanted this to be just a nightmare.

He watched as the silhouette approached and entered the very flat he was sitting in…

Wait, the door was locked. How could it enter? It felt so cold now! He couldn’t even turn back. He saw himself facing the TV, watching the TV.

The silhouette had no face. Suddenly, it smiled. The face split apart from the middle, revealing two sets of teeth vertically aligned, one above the other, like a terrifying zipper opening up.


The next morning, Anirban’s maid discovered his dead body.

Someone had mercilessly ripped his eyes out.

Nowadays, if you visit that website, you can see a photo of Anirban from his school days, but there are no eyes in that picture.

If you are a publisher and Your site is not opening. It is your time to pay the writers, or You will end up in the gallery!

About the Author

Aloha, I'm Amit Ghosh, a web entrepreneur and avid blogger. Bitten by entrepreneurial bug, I got kicked out from college and ended up being millionaire and running a digital media company named Aeron7 headquartered at Lithuania.

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