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I was in Jaipur though celebrating my Kavita’s birthday and was learning the android stuff in between. The most hilarious fact was I went to a watch shop luring her (She is obsessed with Gold where I try to spoil her with diamonds mostly. She has a cute little box where she store her jewelries and kept it hidden like  pirates do.). So I went to a luxury watch store and picked up a watch filled with tons of diamonds. It was looking elegant.

Have you visited WTP mall in Jaipur ? When you enter you will see it to the right side. The fancy store. Watches start from 2.2L :D Gladly, She didn’t know that and hence I was about to get that deal closed though when she asked the price. It was 5L and I had some in account as I have finished a big project recent days.

‘itne mein tor car aa jayega’ (In this money we can get a car!)

and for some reason she rebuked the old guy who was showing us the watch like why you are looting us. Then I got some treatment and enrolled for a course of 10 brief precious minutes of money management.

Seriously? I don’t care burning money. Happiness is the currency. :)

Then We ate this; It was amazing. Whenever she went to some shop. She order everything and ate 5-10% of it and rest I have to take down the battle for the rest.

We went to Aamer Fort then. I found an amazing fish cattle. Too much fish all over the place though. Have a look at the above video. On the way to Amer Fort, I saw 1760s’ India still there. The markets were giving me feel of Prince of Persia movie.

Then I gave her my iPhone 5S to take some shots of cutio in the slow motion mode. Here is how it came up. Haha, That why I love iPhone. It’s awesome.

Miss You!

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