Hack This Site Solutions

If you are copy-pasting Hack This Site Solutions from here and thinking that getting points will make you more cool amongst your friends then you can just fuck off. You will remain dumb as you are unless you understand the stuff properly.

Basic Mission Solutions 


Basic Mission 1 | Basic Mission 2 | Basic Mission 3 | Basic Mission 4 | Basic Mission 5 | Basic Mission 6 | Basic Mission 7 | Basic Mission 8 | Basic Mission 9 | Basic Mission 10 | Basic Mission 11 

Programming Mission Solutions 


Programming Mission 4 | Programming Mission 11

Realistic Mission Solutions 


Realistic Mission 1 | Realistic Mission 2 | Realistic Mission 3 | Realistic Mission 4 | Realistic Mission 5 | Realistic Mission 6 | Realistic Mission 7 | Realistic Mission 8 | Realistic Mission 9 | Realistic Mission 10 | Realistic Mission 11 | Realistic Mission 12 | Realistic Mission 13 |Realistic Mission 14 | Realistic Mission 15

Hack This Site Solutions
I love programming since I was in 4th standard when I touched logo; I was intrigued when I figured out how I could make a circle with the repeat command. Hacking is the highest form of programming. You must how the program as more than anything so that you can see between flaws in them. Then I was introduced to Hack This Site; which  is a free, safe and legal training ground for programmers to test and expand their hacking skills.

It’s an amazing group. When I left I ranked @94 there. I am not sure where I stand now but I will re-open to crack some more tests real soon. These solutions need to be updated, might be have to discussed more.  After all, it’s from 2013 right haha.