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I was clearing my evernote and hence I had patches of humpty-dumpty of several thoughts. Thoughts when stitched make a blog, so here I give patches who are unstichable due to my time constraint :) Each para is written is a seperate mood spanning over a year. My mysterious girlfriend (as one of the readers mailed me tonight is also inspiration when she is in utterly thoughtful mode), I often keep her quotes too, I am pointing them red here.

‘Paulbabu’ is a typical character from Kolkata. When I spent a month in Kolkata in some flat I was in trauma to see that 10 families are staying in same building.

Hmm.. Abit off track . I lived in a romantic town which resides on the bank of Ganga and river ajay. My dad is a business man there and he is a good hold over it so he made a palace like house and all the other middle class men here have such beautiful big big house and the most cute thing about my town is everyone knows everyone and we all are very happy.

There are no accidents, only quantum events which turned my web development mischeif into a serious notation and giving it a tremendous potential for my future. My client base and the happenings in very last month is really fucking brutal to me.

Pehle mar mar ke khata tha aab khane ke liye mar ra hoon
Dhire dhire aana and subhe ka fresh air ka fayda uthana

Disclosing too much enclosed facts was a headshot which make me most of my blogs unpublished. Meanwhile the heat level is low so I can start writing about my bounties :D #NFSMostwanted 

I was thinking of the time of GtA vice city.. Whatever there are very specimen who are unaffected from affection with this game. I used to roam around a blade, jumping from skyscrapers with tank . I spent hours and days like a boss killing over a million over people here and there in various possible tactics .
It reminds me of exhibition of our school life. In my school what happened is every guy from class 6-10 is assigned to a hobby like electronics, computer, .. even geography, history was there. It happened once in every two year

Perhaps it is not in my ‘takdeer’ to attain a perfect equilibrium at work and study.. Making websites and earning money was never so mainstream but it is going on abit terrible now.  

Did I just make a wholesome of so called 11 lakhs in past three months ? Days running by like storms, they guy who sometimes spent time finding ways to wasting time now finds time is tuning by so fast and he has to run faster…
It is a universal acceptable fact that when you have awesome portfolio ( I am talking about the works you have done, no body cares about your grade) then there are some awesome clients
Sometimes it’s really hell difficult to understand a guy’s mind.. Who was that fool who 
said that women are most mysterious creature in this world … He was completely and utterly wrong in his observation … Boys are far more complicated than girls
Yo…. There some nocturnal guys who prefer staying in institute during night, might be (let’s say, definitely) for its Internet connection, I am one of them. Frankly I love to sleep on benches, there is a peculiar perfection in the room.. What happens at D4,2/1 by the way – some is talking and babysitting his girlfriend with lullaby some talking a which are heavily sounds like bass, my ears felt a hell.. When I get calibrated, a honry sounds arises … Gosh .. Now there are some terrible who watches porn with full audio on (I meant the sound part) … Now after in Paulo Ceolho’s talk, so called eleven minutes , you will found a clam environment where you have to although continue your ‘ being Hijra’ activity killing mosquitoes. (Hijra is a ferocious mammal species found in trains of incredible India clapping in 20 RPM within 5m radius of your ears and continuing the process with include removal of their cloths also until you pay 10 or 20 INR to them. Mosquito density in our room ensures the perfect scenario )

“After I reach there, My first job will be to murder you”

It was that time of awful history when I used to be her friend (now-a-days I am promoted abit) and I have never saw a girl like her who really blushes, she has zillions of expressions for a single sentence and the outcome was more often when you tease her. However, I love to keep her teasing and the above line is a mere example of incoming artillery fire from her.

I have spent most of my days on my residential school as of right now I am staying in hostel and all of us know that college mess food is so messy that your weight bring an exception. Like I see three type of guys, some who always prefer the buffet option and eat like a you-know-what and befalls to balloon category. Second one save money, buy maggie or some junk foods and end up in pipe category and third puts me in. I have mostly jeans ranging from 40 size to 32 size in my wardrobe and my waist size is a vulnerable factor as I am fat in winter and thin in summer. So it’s abit complicated. It’s like I am hungry for everytime. I am dying to eat and sometime all of a sudden I got ultimately bored of every food around finding everything boring what I like cause I already have the taste too much.
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Aloha, I'm Amit Ghosh, a web entrepreneur and avid blogger. Bitten by entrepreneurial bug, I got kicked out from college and ended up being millionaire and running a digital media company named Aeron7 headquartered at Lithuania.

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