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I caught up with bad fever this week. So I thought of seeing some lol videos this sunday and thought of sharing though. I keep them watching many times. Haha!

Erlich Bachman

I love Erlich Bachman; He is hilarious and fun and an intelligent asshole. See the video and let me know if you can make something like Nip-alert though – that’s a million dollar idea of showing high class nipples around you. Common, people will download it !

If you’re a startup guy, you will definitely love it.

Farcry 3

Ok, I was once doing a job which is ridiculous, I had to play crysis 2 and record it. Haha, you are thinking – How the fuck. See this video and if you are a guy who spends time of 2-3 hours for killing sharks with grenade or burning an entire village, then you should apply them with a video, chances are you will get hired.

PS: How they earn money ? Comm’on look at the number of views. They have earned 30k-50$ for this video for sure!


You love dogs ? Otherwise you’ll not get it. I have a german shepherd named Tiger. If you ask me to give one reason why to go home. I will say his name instead of anyone else.

Oops, I have three dogs – Maxi, Popeye and Tiger.

Popeye is waking me up

Popeye is waking me up

Maxi is the leader and seeing if my grandma's cat is in plan of any penetration in our fort.

Maxi is the leader and seeing if my grandma’s cat is in plan of any penetration in our fort.

Tiger is watching TV. Don't know why but he sees TV sometimes lol

Tiger is watching TV. Don’t know why but he sees TV sometimes lol

Jordan Belfort

Then I went to search about Straight Line Persuasion and Jordan Belfort came to rescue me. I know the voice stinks in the ear. But his theories do magic with my clients all the time.


Then I went to The Name App and found a good domain ‘’

I closed two deals with clients who work in weekends lol.

Drank tons of Frooti; someone left one pizza from Veg Singles, so I wrapped it up.

Now, again trolling around in YouTube.

Dick Jerk Algorithm

“That’s a lots of jerking”

That’s pretty much of it. I need to work.

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