Fuck off Pizzahut

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Atleast where ever you go and what ever you go please do not go to pizza-hut specially after 7pm evening.Motherfuckers have added forcefully a new item ice cream worth 100 INR to save their back.

I was there with my friends Namit, Shasank, Himanshu and Drug to receive an express checkout from there. I don’t not why I forgetfully taken my moneybag there. I am generally (U can directly tell me selfish) not comfortable with moneys as per I was kept in really miserable condition during my entire childhood in Rkmvp which helped me a lot in managing the money thing.

The thing happened was today our scholarship came but none of the IOP ATM is functioning as the IOP server is down.And the worst thing is the icecream of worth $@%#*^&. Leave it !!

Tomorrow I have to submit my physoclogy assignment which is mainly based on categorizing my own self :P.. I think I will be a psycho this time.

Watch a movie name “The Cell” .Awesome starting , superb thiller but at the ending the angel kinda thing totally mashed up everything.I do not know such awesome movie how ended up with this bursty stuff!

Okies whatever nice day. This is 11:07 NIGHT now .I am now @ cc and most of the first year guys are here to complete their physiology assignment.I will have to again copy-paste from some beloved one like me :D

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