I know you do not find any link with chemistry viva and a pantaloon tshirt but if correctly said I was just saved . There was some hazardous pictures of nonsense brains and some “bang”, “boom” kinda text in the whole tshirt .The instructors found connection with chirality and my shirt and they kept on asking about the symmetry of the shirt :lolzz. I somehow managed the answer from my quick formatted memory and shot a jackpot .

Have you ever heard of “del” unit?


But if some one give a perfect shot in your ball you can feel 400 del for the first few seconds :lolzz .. Have you ever feel it? …Leave it :P

The psychology assignement was a totally maddening one..!! Typing for fucking two pages about the most fucking term Self Realization. I don’t personally know me. My friends better know me than myself.

And I don’t find any coolness of Murga sir in  taking suprise quiz without prior notices. Atleast when there is a wuestion of grade, ha can inform us :(


Just completed the mathlab assignments and will modify and upload it to the web the next day :d

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