Penalised by Physics

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Our room change didn’t occur and it was a grand hit and also it was our sports. At first there was no contestants from our side but somehow Tao managed to give his emotional atyachar and managed to send some of us there.

Nothing hilarious happened to share.Indra got ache in his knees. Iman was shifting to soumya’s room and as I if given same room with Iman cause more damage hence my application for room change got rejected ! :llol

D C Pandey (We called our IIT coaching teacher with this name :P as it suits with his ad to read DC Pandey) went over laws of motion. I enjoyed today.Tried my mouthorgan with an extent but need improvement.Our stat copy released and I got a perfect score of 29/100 :P

Our physics copy was also fell upon us like atom bomb .I managed to score good but others got bowled by Sachin sir into middle wicket and this revenge gets fall upon our small innocent Mihirda as when he entered the class we, backnechers yelled “Paa” (extending it to paw inspired from Big-B’s new film :D). It makes him too angry to bless us by giving the class !! YEAH

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