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Today was a fucking day as usual but today something was unusal as today I visited Pattanayak sir and judgemented others with me with the ongoing test results I found that I am not  lagging behind a miles of behind of them like the previous shot and this inspires me much..Today Maa first went to Dhakuria motor training school.They will take 20 classes and make license for free where my dad said that we would pass out a license easily from Burdwan .So the trainers are delighted as they have not to anything with the license.So they said they will do an extra class in addtion of that (as they do not have to bother about the license)……

There were all celebrity friends along side on pattanayak’s class room , So I was stunnted .OMG.I don’t wanna share things too much :P

Today I searched for gym and decisionedand asked  a grocery and get redirected to a gym named ‘anindya’ and I am not satisfied of their ‘old-old’ environments and yoga yoga……So when going to rahman sir I promised to enroll at ship n shape near golpark and I am really satisfied with the interior…..and repromised while coming back from rahman sir that I will be admitted to by giving Rs.500 as admission fee and Rs.1000 as monthly charge where anindya takes Rs.700 as monthly charge….

I also chatted with my dear friend Indrani whencoming back from Rahman,Rahman sir’s girl is totally a mischievous one ,she was pushing airs sitting on the bed  and rahman sir was teaching in his same usual style in beckbagan but today Arkadeep and a girl(of 1st year) was also allowed with me in sir’s room..I bring out allout oil instead of Mortein,so It does not fits at all..

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