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Lol. I was really moronic about a year ago having multiple girlfriends inducing multiple dimension of headaches. I found these following ‘got break up and still need you’ sort of things which I still unable to deduce who are they referred to at the first point.  (Actually I remember, but let’s keep it CIA category confidential)

All the day  perfectly start with when my iPhone vibrated me up in the morning and her voice arguing me to have a bath which I am always repellent of – No the actual perfect term is lazy. I don’t know all of a sudden I got a feeling of empty void in my chest when I was holding her in my arms and she was asleep and I was looking at her eyes – specially the lower part of the eyelids, some times I think they are blushing for some own reason.

Hmm.. Actually I found a piece of paper I wrote long ago during my InterIISER meets times. Situation is I am creating a porn site for a client and cutie is reading ( let me see in side-eyes) … hmm.. wikipedia (about 12 angry men – she saw it few days ago.. the movie is in black and white which was enough to keep me away to watch it. No matter what if there is no colour in the movie, the movie is horrible to me :P )

I am not so accustomed with spending too much time without her. I don’t care what other thinks about me, I love her (hmm.. I have a typical history in breaking up and patching up too much accidents)…hmm…

It says ‘The worst kind of pain is when you smile only to stop the tears in your eyes.’ When She died and killed me I was in a null mental void. I brought up in a residential school when in my childhood days I was supposed to meet with my parents once in a month. There are some stories in the past which gets soften away if there is nobody to speak with. I remember how I used to wait for the day in which the only one who loved and cared about me come to see me. I used to make origami for mom and I don’t know there is some unspoken love I could always saw in my dad’s eye. Sometimes I felt cold, alone. It’s like I am living with strangers…. Do they really care about my existence. Love is indeed a hypothetical thing. For a creature like me, I am not supposed to be loved and love someone else. I am scared of losing you….Aww. but It will not matter after 3 years.. I will not be able to smell your hair that day… you know .. I don’t want to die.. but that is not gonna happen…till then let me love you :)

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