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What busy creating and testing the forum I made on the behalf of science activities club and I forgot that I have only installed Thanks for Posts mod for only prosilver but The forum was looking better in  subsilver2 style.Okay I will search later! What is more important here is designing the blog and some extra plugin like geogebra :D

If you are in similar problem and searching for a readme file for installing the stuff in subsilver2 then just click here to follow the link

Ok lemme try PHPBB User Blog .

:LOLZZ Ultimately found that there is a already a readme file inside there enlisting the desired thing in the readme file downloaded.Otherwise open this xml file “thanks_for_posts_1_3_3/contrib/subsilver2.xml”

hmm… installed automod.Problem faced 1 that I have to change the permission of store/mods t0 777 and also have to set the permissions to install to 755 (for make them executable)


do many things.right now got a superb error “The Search backend was not found” with php  blog mod

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