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Harry attended 50% of his electronics class and his prof gave him an offer that he will cut 5% of his endsems marks and it works like a festive charm. If any sir declare this kind of coupon code then it will be better for us for survival. I really dislike the fact of attendance.

Murga sir didn’t take attendance but still students stayed in his class because of his funny character and it’s a fun in his class where course like group theory ,… sir taught great but it’s too heavy for us … maybe because of we didn’t study too much and we have to nod every time for affirmation . :-( It really sucks. Now I don’t find to attend a class forcefully where as I don’t want to attend it..Is it a great deal ? The student still got FR after attending all the classes..It doesn’t really matter at all. I sometimes think it’s pure wastage of my time in some classes. :(

I am sort of attendance in economics for two class and as he gives us sheet to put our name, most of us got proxy- he he, nothing to raise your eyebrows… Now I swear there will be no guy who like Binayak Rath’s Face and way of teaching. He’s is too boring and the magical fact is although he knows the fact and enjoys a lot making us and watching us cry… :(

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