Day one to Puja’12

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Velvety green field and the sky of emerald green is the beauty of Victoria Memorial and thats why since my flight landed in airport I was in a horribly good mood. I went to the flat near citycentre 2 and got freshed up . Called Shreyashi afta sometime and with my favorite bike and to my favorite spot but still missing someone special who was being bored @ train :P

I told her to take me with her. Atleast I could make the boring train journey to a magical one. Dad didn’t know that I am coming today. He knows that I will arrive by tomorrow’s morning flight. :lol So I have to book a visitor ticket that time and have to pretend like I just landed :P

We duo then first found a good place in victoria . After a while Rakesh joined wid Mounika and Kuntal. We all the chatted a long. My position is really interesting. I didn’t went home saturday night cause I got a chance to have a walk with my dream and today My honorable sister doesn’t want me to disturb her as there is DID Finals. I hacked a local hotspot (there are plenty hotspots in parkstreet with default password unchanged) and was watching that showwith others in my iPAD.

Nearly @ 6 the musical fountain started with it’s awesome colours..

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