Was trying to count my total number of broken, semi-broken or ok-ok teeth cause as per her claim I can’t (more appropriately shouldn’t) have all 32 of them. This particular typical question rise and shine when she said that she has a teeth which is growing since years with monthly installment scheme :P …. Tiny Rofl details..

Yesterday had my quiz of analysis and number theory and like the rest I was pretty sure that I will score perfectly zero cause I still didn’t know a single line … After I stepped into college mathematics became like history and algebra high was pretty simple and focused on to find the term x has became more hypothetical and more ‘abstract’ with epsilons, isomorphism and dozens of other critical terms…

But My system upgraded to a better one as right now I am seeing karn sir’s half an hours incomprehensible, ineligible and ‘illegal’ (he asks cute questions in exam then why this kolaveri D) and typing this piece of shit in my broken iPhone without seeing it ..

latexI haven’t opened my nisermail since ancient times and this Dhiren is maintaining an infinite loop to block and unblock Facebook so I some how stepped into haunted nisermail just to troll around ….Some days ago Tuhin posted in Niser11 (our FB group) that the site of latex community is blocked and followed up creating a cute meme which I forwarded as attachment to murganandam sir with a short message

“Just found this was circulating in facebook… They have blocked latex
community. I think you might find it interesting.

With regards,

I like his prompt action as he forwarded it to CC-guys

“YOu please look at the forwarded mail. If it is true that you blocked
latex community, you remove the block./

Sagar has missed today’s class also scoring attendance in 19 class outta 30 which means he reached the threshold limit of attendance :P Sir was looking tensed about this great performance o.O

Right now sir is giving me cute appealing look as might be he got a strong feeling that I am doing something fishy …It’s like ‘Are you looking closely’ from prestige movie :P

PS : yeah my quizzes … Will be scoring good marks due to my luck o having Akshay in my front and a flexible invigilator in analysis … Number Theory… One question was from previous RMO questions, one I knew before and one done after I copied a theorem from book :P


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