Viva Viz Shit!!

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Specially I don’t Like the mathlab class as per Dalai sir is too unsensitive to us about the matters of what he teaches. And as per Niser rules a lab class have been assigned 3 hours contact hour a week by which 1 hour is already there in there in the boring, bogus mathlab class ! And when the question comes about the tuesday noon practical its also boring as the sir holds us for fucking 5 PM for sake of attendance!!

Got my 3TB last night … Overwhelmed . Made a good presentation for tuhin, vaibhav :D

Right now asked to create a site for someone “famous” Arindam Roy although i have no intention of doing it . !! I have to make the visualization for a biology project first because I don’t like the such he wants — the same copy paste job :D

Watched dokudu-tamil movie with english subtitle .I don’t know why arnab claims he is in the safe side after missing classes.I was really unable to waking the hairy bear from his “The bigbang theory” bed :P

Guys have bio viva right now and right now preparing for the bullshit. I also have to prepare the day afta tomorrow.I have no bio-prac copy and also do not have any intention of making one

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