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So it started with a morning ride near Botanical Gardens, the most beautiful place in Bhuabaneswar.

Then cutoo was missing and we found him on my bag.

He ran off and taken refuge to Kavita so that I can’t demand my prisoner back from its land. Look at his hand and how he is calling Kavi to grant him safety.

Ah, I really really missed the mix she made each day, it was indeed awesome and I miss it every moment of those days.

But I am a fat, big guy. I must consume more. Hence, I must make something non-veg. So went out with Sumit in bike and we bought some hotdogs which was smelling terribly but it was terribly tasty and hence we ate it anyway, ha ha!

But we were thrown out in balcony cause Kavi is non-veg repellant and hence cutio being her pet must eat veg which was a toughest challenge for cutioo and more tough is I was in balcony and he can’t come straight away cause I just gave him Valhalla an hour ago. So, tactically, he took a strategic hide-out behind popeye and maxi.

Hmm.. If you see carefully you will find the plates as red. So red denotes non-veg and green denotes veg. :D

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