Do you like the journey of how a man started his journey with his bare hands and made it to millions?  Then you’re in right place. I met Joshua in an exciting project amongst one of his tons of ventures. We are friends over almost more than a year now and I can not help myself sharing his impressive journey narrating his journey of making 20M$ from 10k$.

letcher1Since then we stay tabbed on each other as we both share some unusual properties between us like we both love Forex; we both are workaholic and we both care about doing business rather than reading on how to do business haha.

Currently he is busy with his new venture Bohr Industries; and another subsidiary project of WindTurbine. Feel free to contact him if you want to ask anything. Though he is a busy person, You will not be ignored :)

The next following words are written by him –

Are You Adaptive Enough ?


Being adaptive in my opinion is one key point to being a success in business, especially in this day and age when everything from banking to small-business is changing even weekly and monthly.

I think it is clear to say that if I was not adaptive enough then Allotropes Diamonds ended the first time it failed, yes it is true, Allotropes Diamonds failed about 3 times before it succeeded.

#1 Polished Diamond Trading


In 2011 when I first started the Allotropes Diamonds idea I didn’t have much money, in fact I only had a few thousand dollars and a plan. I spoke to a few friends and before long had about $10,000 AUD to start buying polished diamonds and trading them. I purchased a few polished diamonds around 1 carat each in size and reasonable quality, they were then sent to Australia and i began to try and sell them.

It didn’t take long before we sold a few diamonds and started to really learn about diamonds and the requirements from local buyers, these requirements were certification requirements, quality requirements and supply availability. Basically we learnt fast and although we didn’t have all the requirements, managed to break even and in some cases make some profit. Most of the buyers wanted to see huge stocks of diamonds and then select what they wanted from the large stock, with such a small starting budget this was never going to happen. so being adaptive I adapted to Rough Diamonds.

#2 Rough Diamond Trading


Going back one step in the diamond chain meant that rough diamonds were cheaper to purchase than polished so this matched our smaller starting capital, I also had a few friends in India so I had a avenue to sell the rough diamonds to polishers that produce the polished diamonds. I also had a friend who was from Africa that could get rough diamonds, at this time I put all my savings together and of went my friend at the time to Africa to buy rough diamonds.

I flew to India as the rough diamonds were sent directly from Africa to India, I met with my friends in India and awaited the parcel to arrive at their office. When the parcel of diamonds arrived at the office i was rather disappointed, the person we had sent to Africa had purchased poor quality diamonds. Also the Indian buyers were good negotiators and I also at this time didn’t have much experience with rough diamonds.

I managed to basically get back the amount I invested in this and called it even, this is when I learnt my lesson about doing my own business. I had seen it a few other times also but this was the last straw, from now on I would do everything myself and not rely on anyone else as it always caused delays and ended up negative. I then decided to be adaptive again and use my mining industry skills and go once step further back in the diamond chain, Mining.

#3 Rough Diamond Mining


I had been speaking with a friend from Sierra Leone for about 2 years at this time, we had often talked about starting a mining operation in Sierra Leone. Everyone at this point was telling me not to send money to Africa and that I would loose it all, at this point I decided to go against the thoughts of everyone else and adapt to Africa and mining. This I think was the best decision that I have made yet.

The initial intention was just to do some small alluvial mining then take diamonds to india and sell them however, we started to find some good diamonds and also kimberlite indicators so we adapted and decided to go a bit bigger.

When I came back to Australia I raised about $100,000 along with about $300,000 from a UK investor, this allowed us to take out our first exploration licence and purchase our first machines and small processing plant.  Being adaptive here allowed the company to grow much faster and in the right direction towards exploration.

allotropes diamonds

So, Want to know that decision that made me Millionaire ?

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My Final adaptive piece was to step down from Allotropes Diamonds and Newfield and let fresh eyes take over, this is also my major objective for the company to be able to run on its own.

If the company can run on its own then I believe it will be a great success and I believe Allotropes Diamonds / Newfield Resources will be just that.

Are You Adaptive Enough ?

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Aloha, I'm Amit Ghosh, a web entrepreneur and avid blogger. Bitten by entrepreneurial bug, I got kicked out from college and ended up being millionaire and running a digital media company named Aeron7 headquartered at Lithuania.

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